Matt Mayberry: “I’m In.”

I entered this race when I learned that several NH veterans had been turned away from mental health treatment because the Veteran’s Administration was so far behind on reimbursements that the VA owes the medical community in New Hampshire $134,000,000. While hospitals are laying off employees and veterans are going without care, Mr. Pappas is too busy trying to impeach Donald Trump to worry about his neighbors and the people who sent him to Washington.

We need your help if we’re going to send Chris Pappas packing. Will you consider donating $15, $25 or even $100 to my campaign?

The fact is that Chris Pappas is way too liberal for New Hampshire. He is more focused on getting stimulus checks for illegal immigrants in San Francisco than helping New Hampshire’s small businesses keep afloat during the current crisis. Now he’s trying to push through the greatest threat to voter integrity that our state has seen with the Democrats’ mail-in voting scheme that he snuck into the CARES Act. We can’t let them take our voice away. We need to fight back.

Even worse, just last week he proudly touted the endorsement of several of the Nation’s largest gun-grabbing PACs. With everything that is going on in our country right now, Chris Pappas still doesn’t believe that you have the right to defend yourself and your family. I am proud to be the only 100% Pro-Second Amendment candidate in this race and I will always defend our right to keep and bear arms.