“the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I fully support our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear Arms 100% with no ambiguity.  The war on our 2nd amendment rights from the left is real.  Chris Pappas and his liberal friends in Congress want to take our guns away.  Let me be clear – I won’t let them. I am the only candidate in this race that is 100% pro 2A.  Now is not the time to nominate a Republican who doesn’t have a strong history of unequivocal support for the 2nd Amendment.

I support:

  1. National Constitutional carry.
  2. Eliminate the need for a tax stamp to purchase a suppressor and amend current laws to treat a suppressor the same as any other firearm accessory.
  3. National Stand Your Ground Legislation
  4. National Concealed Carry Reciprosity

I am the owner of New England Events, we put on the largest gun shows in New Hampshire and Maine.  I don’t just support the second amendment, I celebrate it.  I have worked to help NH gun shops, NH hunting stores, NH businesses that make firearm products and accessories, NH hunting clubs, NH shooting clubs, NH hunting and safety instructors find new audiences for their products and services.  Over the last two years, I have hosted dozens of guns shows throughout our state and tens of thousands of New Hampshire citizens have attended one of my gun shows.  There is nobody in this race that the extreme gun grabbing left fear more than me.  I will not waiver, I will not give them an inch.      


I strongly believe in the protection of innocent life. I believe that every life is sacred. I also recognize that abortion is a deeply personal and polarizing issue and one where the Supreme Court has spoken. Until Roe v Wade is overturned, whatever action we take must comport with the state of the law as it now exists. I believe protecting the unborn shouldn’t simply be a fundraising tool or an empty slogan, which is why my focus is on building consensus around common sense legislation that can be enacted today to begin to reign in the horrors of abortion.  I have said that the very first bill that I will file as a U.S. Congressman is Born Alive legislation identical to the bill filed here in NH by State Senator Regina Birdsell.


Unlike my opponents, I am running for Congress to put New Hampshire’s interests first. Chris Pappas’ voting record makes it clear that his allegiance is to Nancy Pelosi and the liberal special interests that fund his campaign. My Republican primary opponent is a 30-year old New Jersey native who just moved here less than a year ago specifically to run for this office. He is looking for a way back to DC and hoping that New Hampshire taxpayers will foot the bill for him.  He doesn’t even meet the residency requirements to run for State Rep in NH!

I am the only candidate in this race who has spent more time in New Hampshire than Washington, DC over the last two years. New Hampshire’s First Congressional District deserves a candidate who is committed to the people of this district.


Now more than ever, immigration has become one of our nation’s top concerns. Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unlawfully cross over our borders. However, there are those who chose to try to immigrate the right way, through the legal application process, and wait their turn, often for years. 

Unimpeded illegal immigration across our national border is a threat to national security, a threat to our economy, and as we have learned this year, a threat to public health.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us how quickly a global virus can spread if unchecked. The virus was carried to our country from Asia and Europe before spreading in our communities. While viruses do not stop at borders, their carriers can be. It is crucial to protecting the health and wellbeing of our citizens that we know who is coming into our country, and what they may be bringing with them. 

  • First and foremost, we need to complete President Trump’s wall on our Southern Border. Stopping the influx of drugs and potentially dangerous people into our country needs to be the focus of our immigration policy before any other measures can be taken. We need to dig the walls deeper to prevents tunnels from being created and using sensors and drone technology to patrol the open desert spaces that span hundreds of miles;
  • We need to end chain migration;
  • We need to stop “Sanctuary Cities” by taking away all Federal Funding from municipalities that choose use the designation. As I wrote in an Op-Ed earlier this year, municipalities do not get to pick and choose which immigration laws they want to enforce. Sanctuary cities are dangerous to all of us and should not receive one penny from the Federal Government.


As a proud Air Force Veteran, I will make fighting for my fellow veterans a top priority when I am in Congress. 

Since separating from the Air Force, I have remained very active in New Hampshire’s veteran community. I spearheaded a boot, sneakers and jeans drive for Liberty House, the homeless veterans shelter in Manchester. I also work with the Navy Chaplains Office and the Live Free or Die Chapter of the Nam Knights to make sure that active duty military families at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard have the resources they need to get through the holidays and the winter months.

In fact, my decision to run for US Congress came after I discovered that several NH veterans had been turned away from mental health treatment because the Veteran’s Administration was so far behind on reimbursement. I contacted Chris Pappas’s office to resolve the problem and his response was yet another strongly worded letter that went nowhere. Unacceptable – especially since Mr. Pappas is the Chairman of the Veteran Affair Committee’s Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee. He should have had the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in New Hampshire the next day with a checkbook and an apology.  

We have learned that the VA owes the medical community in New Hampshire $134,000,000.  While hospitals are laying off employees and veterans are going without care, Mr. Pappas is too busy doing favors for the liberal special interests who fund his campaign.

Veterans should be given a “care card” that enables them to visit any doctor, any hospital and or any specialist they wish without the duplicate pre-screening and then a secondary authorization by the VA for care.  Go get the care you need and send the bill to the VA, end of story.  I will fight to expand funding and access for mental healthcare not only for the veteran but the family that loves and cares for them.

I believe that those who were willing to die for our country should be given the best health care available and that is what I will fight for. If I am elected to Congress I will continue to be a leader on this issue.  I also pledge to remain in the VA healthcare system as a Member of Congress.  If the healthcare is good enough for you, it will be good enough for me.  This also allows me to experience the same frustrations and challenges that a veteran and their family face in trying to get care.  It took me 5 weeks to get a medical appointment with the VA only to be told that COVID-19 had displaced me and to try again in 3 to 4 months (and to probably wait another 5 weeks after that for an actual appointment).  Experiences count and matter.

Currently, an active duty E-3 (enlisted) member with a spouse and 2 children would qualify for food stamps.  That is wrong.  If we can send billions of dollars to foreign governments, we should be able to properly pay the brave women and men who support, defend and uphold our Constitution, our national interests and our values around the world.

When a patriot raises their hand at the local MEPS and takes the oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, we have a moral and duty bound obligation be responsible for that individual and their family from the time they say, “so help me God” until last blessings have been uttered graveside.


One of the most important lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic is the urgent, national security need to bring the manufacturing of prescription drugs and other critical medical devices BACK to American soil.  China is not our friend.  In the early days of the pandemic, Americans faced a critical shortage of the drugs we use everyday to stay alive.  We, not the Chinese, need to control our own destiny.

The immediate lack of personal protection equipment (PPE) and ventilators demonstrated that we, as a country, should never be held hostage or left waiting for the critical equipment we need to protect our citizens.  We can export supplies with other countries but only after our citizens are cared for first.

China is not our friend. We need a member of Congress who is committed to holding China accountable and who will support efforts to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.


The number one priority of the President of the United States and the United States Congress is to protect our citizens both here and abroad.  A strong military, a robust intelligence community and an iron will to resolve to stand by our principles and those of our allies is paramount to defending freedom in all corners of the globe.  China is not our friend.  Russia is not our friend.  The Middle East is fraught with backstabbing alliances attempting to drive a wedge between the United States and Israel. I stand with Israel.

Terrorists want to destroy us not negotiate with us.

Protecting our electric grid is a point of national security.  Cyber security against terrorists and enemies both foreign and domestic is on the forefront.  Empowering our health systems to combat further, and potentially more deadly, pandemics face the next Congress.  We didn’t need $25 million dollars going to the Kennedy Center, we needed that $25 million dollars going to the National Institutes of Health.  Find a cure for this disease and develop vaccines for the next ones coming our way.

We need leaders with a strong resolve to negotiate when possible, defend if provoked and the willingness to strike first, deliberately and with overwhelming force, when faced with a credible threat.

A strong national security doesn’t mean being the policeman of the world. It doesn’t mean that we should risk American lives and treasure fighting in wars we have no business being in.  

America First isn’t a campaign slogan, it should be the business model we all adhere to in the coming years.


The federal Department of Education should be abolished.  Monies that were going to the federal cesspool of waste and red tape should be redirected back to the individual States.  I have more faith in Governor Sununu, Commissioner Edelblut and our legislature to ensure that our children and grandchildren have the best education available to them.  Our children deserve a dynamic, up to date and comprehensive curriculum that reflect current workplace needs and an overall education to prepare those children to either attend college, a trade school, our military or enter the workforce fully prepared for their lives ahead.  

I believe in school choice including the ability to home school, attend a magnet school or a specialty, charter or trade school.  Credit should be given to “real life education”.  Why shouldn’t a student who works at a nursing home or hospital be given health education credits or the student who works as a mechanic be given classroom credit.  Why does a varsity athlete still have to take gym during the school day?

Special education and the education of special needs children need to be fully funded.  If the federal government is setting a national standard, then the federal government should be paying for it.  No more unfunded mandates.

I served on the Dover School Board, the only candidate in this race to have served my local community.  I understand the issues of education and the debilitating efforts of the teachers union on our education system as it currently stands.  Abolish the federal Department of Education and let New Hampshire decide how to best educate our children.