Matt Mowers continues to ignore calls to fully disclose his personal financial records, explain mysterious $100,000 payment for three speeches made in Korea

Dover, NH – This morning, during a debate on NH Today with Jack Heath on
WGIRAM, US Congressional Candidate Matt Mowers continued to avoid calls to
fully disclose his personal financial assets, as required by federal law, and
explain a $100,000 payment he received for making three speeches in Korea
shortly after leaving the State Department. In his, August 8th financial disclosure,
Mowers’ failed to disclose that he owns a Washington DC condominium
purchased in the fall of 2018 for $810,000 and fails to disclose income derived
from his wife’s employment at CNN. Additionally, Mowers’ disclosure notes three
mysterious payments totaling nearly $100,000 he was given for making
speeches in Korea shortly after leaving the State Department in 2019.

Asked repeatedly about the missing disclosures and the Korean payments,
Mowers deflected and ignored the questions.

“Matt Mowers needs to start being fully honest with the Republican voters of
New Hampshire about who he is and where his personal wealth came from,”
Mayberry stated. “We know very little about this stranger from New Jersey other
than that he moved to our state to try and buy one of our Congressional seats.”

“No one ‘accidentally’ leaves a nearly one million dollar personal asset out of their
financial disclosure unless they are trying to hide something from the voters,
nor do they conveniently forget to disclosure salaries paid to their family by one
of the most liberal news channels in the country. Matt Mowers is hiding
something from us and hoping it doesn’t come out until after the election.”

“Even more disturbing is that Mr. Mowers still hasn’t explained why a 29-year-
old mid-level bureaucrat at the State Department was paid nearly $100,000 for three speeches in Korea. What did he have to say that was worth so much
money? Who are these mysterious organizations that Mowers went so far out of
his way to hide from us, that he illegibly hand-wrote their names on his
disclosure form? Who did he talk to and who set it up?”

“If Matt Mowers is the Republican nominee for US Congress this will be a huge
part of the general election campaign. This issue will not go away just because
Matt Mowers ignores it. The voters of New Hampshire will never elect someone
that is being this blatantly dishonest with them and potentially violating federal
law before he is even in office. Matt Mowers need to start telling the truth and he
needs to do it before the September 8th Republican primary.”