Mayberry on the Issues: Ending Illegal Immigration

Now more than ever, immigration has become one of our nation’s top concerns. Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unlawfully cross over our borders. However, there are those who chose to try to immigrate the right way, through the legal application process, and wait their turn, often for years.

Unimpeded illegal immigration across our national border is a threat to national security, a threat to our economy, and as we have learned this year, a threat to public health.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us how quickly a global virus can spread if unchecked. The virus was carried to our country from Asia and Europe before spreading in our communities. While viruses do not stop at borders, their carriers can be. It is crucial to protecting the health and wellbeing of our citizens that we know who is coming into our country, and what they may be bringing with them.

  • First and foremost, we need to complete President Trump’s wall on our Southern Border. Stopping the influx of drugs and potentially dangerous people into our country needs to be the focus of our immigration policy before any other measures can be taken. We need to dig the walls deeper to prevents tunnels from being created and using sensors and drone technology to patrol the open desert spaces that span hundreds of miles;
  • We need to end chain migration;
  • We need to stop “Sanctuary Cities” by taking away all Federal Funding from municipalities that choose use the designation. As I wrote in an Op-Ed earlier this year, municipalities do not get to pick and choose which immigration laws they want to enforce. Sanctuary cities are dangerous to all of us and should not receive one penny from the Federal Government.